26 July 2017

Final Debriefing of the Check-In Exercise

Let’s return to discussing the Check-In exercise. The Check-In is an exercise in self-care as much as anything else. To be successful with the Check-In exercise, you must be willing to pause and interrupt your normal routine. If doing so feels difficult to impossible, then work with this psychological dynamic within yourself before you do […]

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18 July 2017

Continued Debriefing of the Check-In Exercise

Let’s return to discussing the Check-In exercise. The Check-In exercise quickly demonstrates your strengths and weaknesses across a set of skills. Those skills include slowing down, paying attention, tuning into various parts of yourself, non-judgmentally observing your inner experience, and describing in words what that experience is. Your notes from doing the Check-In exercise along […]

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21 June 2017

What to Make of the Check-In Exercise

In the last blog post I presented the Check-In. The Check-In exercise is an expedient way for you to facilitate self-awareness and mindfulness, which is critical to healing. Self-awareness and mindfulness together deepen our insight into the way your thoughts, feelings, sensations, urges, impulses, needs, wants, heart, and body are functioning together as the integrated […]

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9 June 2017

The Check-In Exercise: My Favorite Practice for Practicing Mindfulness in Every Day Life (and Increasing Self-Awareness)

In the last blog post, I offered some general instructions for bringing mindfulness you’re your daily life and offered a number of simple ways to facilitate mindfulness in everyday life. In this blog post, I’m going to walk you through my favorite mindfulness exercise, which is also an exercise in increasing self-awareness. I came up […]

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2 June 2017

How to Bring Mindfulness Into Your Every Day Life

Whether or not you have a formal mindfulness meditation practice, I strongly recommend that you start to modify your behavior in gradual ways to facilitate some mindful moments in your everyday life. In general, it is a whole lot easier to make slight modifications to current behaviors than to introduce a brand-new behavior that shifts […]

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19 May 2017

Mindfulness, Second of Three Essential Elements of Healing

In my last blog post, I wrote about self-awareness, the capacity for coming to know things about oneself. As I mentioned, this is an essential element of healing from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), another functional gastrointestinal problem, or a functional non-digestive medical problem like chronic pain or chronic migraines. In this blog post the focus […]

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