Why an IBS YouTube Channel?

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When I was diagnosed with IBS as a teenager, I never thought I would be talking about that diagnosis on my own YouTube channel and writing about it on my blog. And yet, here I am! And here you are, at the Don’t Hate Your Guts® blog, seeking answers. 


In 2018, I was asked to give a talk at a major corporation in North Carolina about the relationship between the brain and gut. This is a corporation with a sprawling campus complete with in-house physicians and other health-care practitioners who are dedicated to the well-being of their employees. They were aware that a good number of their employees were suffering from the kinds of digestive issues I specialize in treating, so they invited me to speak on their campus. 

And my gut reaction was to say no.

To begin with, I didn’t have a talk ready to go and I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to putting one together. The main reason I didn’t want to deliver a talk on IBS, however, was that it felt overwhelming. How could I take everything I know about the intersection of the nervous system and the digestive system and how that relates to healing functional medical problems — material I’ve been thinking about for nearly 30 years — and condense into a one-hour presentation? That felt like a Herculean task.

That said, I thrive on challenges. It’s hard for me to turn down a challenging task, especially when it’s something I know I’m capable of. This may be part of the reason I enjoy working with IBS and other functional GI disorders. They are complex and therefore can be challenging to address. 

Needless to say, I ended up accepting the invitation to speak. I started practicing for the big day by giving my presentation to various groups of people. My test audiences found the IBS information I was sharing both valuable and helpful. 

After I delivered my presentation about IBS and other functional GI disorders to the employees at this corporation, the organizers told me it was the most well-attended wellness presentation they had ever organized for employees. Over 100 people attended or listened in! Even more rewarding was the feedback I received from attendees. They recognized how many hours of time my presentation had liked saved them in having to go out, find, and integrate all of this IBS-related information themselves. 


Helping patients heal is my passion. Being on camera is not! But I created the YouTube channel anyways, because I want you to know that you can heal from IBS. I want you to know how to generate healing so that you can, over time, recover from IBS. I’m living proof that recovery from IBS (and many other functional medical problems) is possible.

After nearly twenty years of working with patients and my own personal journey of healing from IBS that began thirty years ago, I have a lot of information to share. I’m excited to be sharing that information through my Don’t Hate Your Guts® blog and YouTube Channel. 

To learn more, visit the Don’t Hate Your Guts website where you can sign up to have weekly blog posts and the video of the week sent straight to your inbox. You’ll also receive updates about the exciting webinar series I’m about to launch (the webinar series is the one-hour talk I mention in this blog broken down into digestible chunks of information that are even more valuable than the original talk!). 

Watch this week’s video just below.

Don’t hate your guts. Instead, discover how to heal your body.



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