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Learn how to befriend your nervous system, gut, and whole self, all of the parts that make you you.

Cultivate a deeper understanding about the complex nature of your mind, heart, gut, and body.

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This website is devoted to helping people who suffer from digestive problems like IBS and other physiological, mind-body symptoms referred to as psychophysiologic disorders.

It is easy to be frustrated by, dislike, or even hate your body when it is the source of pain, discomfort, or other debilitating symptoms. Being frustrated by, disliking, or hating a part of your body is essentially being at war with your own body. As long as you are at war with your body, you cannot be at peace.


-Albert Einstein

Action Steps You Can Take to Heal

The steps that follow assume that you have the most qualified physician and medical care team that you can find to work with you over time. If you have not yet found a qualified physician and received a confirmed diagnosis for your medical condition, that will need to be your first step. 

  1. Register for a Don’t Hate Your Guts educational course.
  2. Work with a skilled psychotherapist to implement the skills you will learn in the course.
  3. Put together your timeline.
  4. Keep a healing journal.
  5. Find other helpful providers, including physicians, with whom you can develop good, supportive relationships over time.
  6. Read or listen to self-help material, including the material contained in the Don’t Hate Your Guts blog and in the Don’t Hate Your Guts YouTube videos.

Healing Courses by Dr. Jennifer Franklin

Put down your dukes. Stop fighting your body for control of your symptoms. Digestion is not a conscious process. We are not in control of the digestive process, thus seeking control of your digestive symptoms is a losing battle. Similarly, we are not in control of our autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for generating stress. It makes sense that you would WANT to control the part of your body associated with the symptoms you wish to eliminate. However, seeking to control these parts of your body is not the answer; believe it or not, it is part of the problem. Sign up for a Don’t Hate Your Guts course, learn how to work with, not against your nervous system and body, and get healing!


Dr. Jennifer Franklin is a unique mind-body & gastro-psychologist (NC #4137; CA #PSY20709) inspired by her own personal experience of healing and recovering fully from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She has been specializing in the treatment of disorders of gut-brain interaction and other psychophysiologic disorders since 2001 and offers a wealth of knowledge, expertise, training, experience, and insight. While managing symptoms is important, Dr. Franklin’s ultimate objective is to help people to heal and recover.


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